Rivers Academy creates a path for our students to develop into confident, independent thinkers who are able to face the future with personal success. Our highest priority is to provide our students with the balance between being a child and excelling in both their academics and their chosen passions. We will encourage our students to become lifelong learners by instilling academic curiosity, modeling respect for others and maintaining accountability to core values.


Rivers Academy is a private school serving students in both the Atlanta and Alpharetta areas of Georgia. In 2008, Rivers Academy was inspired by a lack of availability of a superior educational option for students who were faced with the stress of pursuing an extracurricular passion and the demands of a traditional school schedule. The Rivers Academy student is one who pursues a passion at an elite level, which causes the demands of travel, practice and performance unmanageable with a traditional five-day school week. Most of their activities are not offered in a traditional school, or the student has surpassed the high school level. Some typical activities of Rivers students include equestrian, hockey, ice skating, dance, acting, singing, golf, and tennis.

In 2015, Rivers received the highest level of national accreditation in addition to our existing Georgia accreditation status. At Rivers Academy, we are able to exceed required academic standards while offering a condensed schedule. We meet Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday each week and offer an optional study hall on Fridays. When travel is required, a student is provided with continuous school time through our parent-connect software and communications with teachers. Students receive all the traditional benefits of school, such as social events, field trips, yearbooks, dances, and a graduation ceremony, while maintaining the free time in their schedules to pursue their passions. Graduates of Rivers Academy continue to receive acceptances to their preferred colleges, proudly representing us at all levels of quality institutions.

Our curriculum is delivered at the honors level and above, as we only offer a college preparatory degree. We exceed state graduation requirements by offering superior content and utilizing proven modes of delivery. We offer AP classes along with advanced electives in Foreign Language, Social Sciences, Business, Technology, and the Arts. Our approach to each stage of development is predicated on the academic and social needs of the students as they move through their formative school years. With advanced curriculum and positive peer interactions, an exceptional learning environment is provided. Our teachers are remarkable at delivering accelerated content from nationally renowned publishers. Students develop superior mastery and critical thinking skills while taking ownership of their learning. The Rivers Academy staff works together with parents to develop the whole child through mutual respect and character-driven expectations.

38 North Main Street
Alpharetta, GA 30009

1934 Cliff Valley Way
Atlanta, GA 30329