At Rivers Academy our goal is to provide students, as well as their families, with advice and assistance on course selection and throughout the college application process. Our high school students will be provided with:

  1. Academic progress checklist and course selection advisement
  2. College forums with guest speakers on financial and application consultation
  3. College fairs with local colleges
  4. Personal teacher and guidance counselor recommendation letters
  5. Monthly articles and emails with pertinent information to succeed in high school and plan for the college application process
  6. Parchment Exchange services
  7. SAT/ACT prep course option for elective class during academic day
  8. PSAT testing for 9th and 10th grade
  9. Mock SAT and ACT test
  10. Informative e-mails including upcoming dates for official SAT and ACT test
  11. NCAA Transcript Advisement
  12. College Essay Summer Workshop
  13. Flexible office hours to meet with the Academic Dean


The Academic Dean ensures that all Rivers students are college ready. This includes helping them with course selections, ensuring that they meet graduation requirements and informing them of the ACT and SAT testing dates. For the college admission process, the academic Dean will meet with each senior to answer questions they may have. At this time, the student will receive information regarding the application process, including the Common Application, in and out of state applications, teacher recommendations, guidance counselor recommendations, and sending ACT and SAT scores. After a student graduates, the registrar will send final official transcripts to colleges of choice through Parchment Exchange Services.

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